Achieve a constant passenger flow with marketing and analytics. Understand how passengers move around the terminal with Wiacom and ensure data coverage on airline marketing, operations, flight schedules and more.

Wiacom WiFi analytics and WiFi Marketing provides useful insights to airports managers and marketers.

Passenger Routes

You will be able to understand the complete route of your passengers starting at check-in all the way to customs and baggage claim at their destinations. You will gain valuable insights with your existing WiFi infrastructure.

Segment Lead Curves

Get a better understanding of the arrival and departure process with insights on airlines, sectors, and destinations. Be able to acquire lead curves from passengers, whether they are arriving or departing or at any checkpoint in the airport from check-in to customs.

Standard Procedures

Discover inefficiencies throughout each operation and find solutions. Be more efficient at planning resources since it will be based on real-time demand. This will reduce delays and allow more flights to be on time.

Marketing Campaigns

Shops inside the airports will be able to gain insights on dwell times in all retail areas and boost sales in the process. You will also be able to monitor footfall patterns, queue lengths, where passengers enter and exit, and gain insights on the most popular and crowded spots.

Data Analytics are changing Airports worldwide!

Improve traffic flow and passenger operations with our WiFi analytics tool. Reduce costs as you find onsite solutions and maintain a professional and secure approach to data collection.

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