Marketing Automations, Predictive Modeling, AI & ML Driven Engagement to increase ROI while reduce costs

Use the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to become a superhero of marketing campaigns. What is more desirable than to see your ROI is going up while costs are going down?

AI-created algorithms targets customers by delivering or displaying personalized messages based on their profile. Increase ROI and customer response-rate by targeting a specific audience with higher accuracy. Optimize costs by using audience filters. Your message becomes more relevant for specific audiences.

Initiating digital interactions with your guests is key to gaining deeper insights into their preferences, ultimately boosting sales. Every interaction contributes data to the Customer Data Platform, enhancing your comprehension and enabling more tailored communication about your center.

  • WiFi: gather shopper First Party Data via your in-mall WiFi service. Encourage sign-ups by offering free WiFi access in exchange for a voucher, beverage or cinema ticket to boost your signups and accelerate the know your audience process.
  • Digital Marketing: Our solutions empower your venue to leverage data-driven advertising targeting. Utilize the comprehensive data from our Consumer Data Platform for precision in advertising, reaching out to customers based on location, demographics, psycho-graphics, and behavior. Utilize shopper interactions, like deal claims or event participation, for precise remarketing on platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, enhancing the efficacy of your digital marketing efforts across various channels.
  • Mobile Apps and Website: Elevate the shopping experience with a mobile app that offers personalized engagement, from targeted coupons to interactive games and geofencing. Keep your shoppers informed and engaged with a comprehensive suite of features, turning every visit into a rewarding experience. Your website is the digital hub, synchronizing content across all your digital platforms, ensuring consistent messaging. We deliver the infrastructure and tools necessary for creating a dynamic, customized digital experience that engages shoppers and drives physical venue visits.

Real-time communications and LBS

Here’s what happens when a guest arrives in your venue:

  • If the user has previously registered with Wiacom Guest WiFi, the system will automatically recognize their phone and deliver a predefined message if the user’s profile aligns with the campaign targeting criteria.
  • For new guests, Wiacom CDP will send the message after the first authentication, of course considering if the marketing consent has been obtained.
  • Location-Based Service (LBS) campaigns can be set up to dispatch messages only when the guest is in a specific area of the venue.
  • The same approach can be applied when the guest exits the venue or a designated area.

Push Campaigns

Maintain continuous engagement and connection with your audience through Wiacom CDP’s array of push campaign templates, enabling:

  • Reviews & Feedback: Boost the volume of reviews your venue receives on platforms like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp.
  • Loyalty: Wiacom can identify frequent visitors to your venue and automatically send them rewards.
  • In-App Notifications: Through Wiacom CDP API integration, you can detect when a guest is at your venue and engage your recognized audience via your mobile app’s push notifications, with fallback options for SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Social Media and Digital Ad Networks: Execute location-based digital advertising campaigns by leveraging data on guests currently at your venue.
  • Data driven and sniper-like targeted email campaigns by utilizing demographics, behavior, and other first-party or zero-party data to refine your audience segmentation. The immediate effect of this approach will be a higher return on investment (ROI) while simultaneously reducing your marketing costs.

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