Wiacom’s Analytics solution is the ideal WiFi marketing tool for restaurants and cafes. Give your customers the personalized experience that they expect and demand.

Get to know your customers on a deeper level with insights into their eating habits, preferences, timetable, and even info about their health. You can get to know them individually or as a group.

Here’s what Wiacom can do for your restaurant or coffee shop


Our AI driven tools will help increase reviews up to 70%. When a restaurant customer logs to Wi-Fi, we automatically send a message encouraging a review on any popular reviews platform: Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or Yelp.


Get accurate and immediate feedback at any time.  Run surveys at any given time and solicit information that includes customers preferences, dislikes, opinions to improve any part of your restaurant or venue .


Reward loyal customers by offering them incentives through multiple digital channels. You can connect with them on their favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If a customer has a birthday, you can setup Birthday Campaign to automatically send a message with 10 days in advance:
For your upcoming birthday, champagne is on the house! Just use this code: FWF118745 .

Quantic Pub gathered 3.500 CRM entries in less than 12 months

With our centralized and automated platform, Wiacom manages each customer interaction and helps you find more business opportunities in the shortest of time.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.