WiFi Analytics, Heatmaps and Location based services for Enterprise

Valuable data from web analytics but for the physical world. 
With the power of AI and deep learning algorithm, you can analyze your audience, their behavior in order to shape the marketing strategy and make business decisions at any given moment.


Receive full, detailed reports that cover everything there is to know about customer patterns.

  • By integrating Wiacom with POS system you can see how much customers spend in an area and consequently divide your location into zones/ sub-sections to delve deeper into their behavior.
  • Find out about customer patterns that your business may have missed out on before which become immediately visible using our service.
  • Learn about the return rates of your customers in exact numbers and percentages.
  • The exact shopping time of your customers expressed in hours and minutes.
    Receive in-depth reports in your inbox exactly when you need them.


You will have extensive demographic data of your customers.

  • Segment your customers by gender, age, nationality, interests, where they live and more.
  • Hyper-target your customers and reach them with marketing campaigns tailored specifically to their needs and timing perfectly.
  • Create up-to-date  reports based on your customer demographics.
  • Get technical insights about users devices: brands, operating system and type(mobile/tablet/laptop)

Say no more, I want to improve my business.