Small to Medium Sized Businesses/ Enterprises (SMB & SME)

Does you business offer free guest wifi to your customers? Have you been able to fully take advantage of the enormous stream of valuable data coming in every day, or are you still working on it? With Wiacom, not only can you collect all this personal data but also monetize it in a way that benefits your business and makes your customers happy.

More people than ever make their purchasing decisions based on whether or not wi-fi is available.
There are presently millions of businesses around the world that offer free wi-fi to their customers, and that number is constantly growing.

Start using our WiFi marketing analytics solution with your existing infrastructure and you will transform your current wireless networks into a Premium Guest and Social WiFi in the following ways


We know how important is adrress users in their natural language. Wiacom is currently available in English, German, Spanish and French.

Easy Login for customers

Our unique approach makes the authentication process easy and useful as they can get valuable offers.

Automatic campaigns

You’ll be able to run advertising campaigns Wiacom platform based on users profiles and behavior.


Track and make use of valuable data with Wiacom built-in tools. You can customize your marketing campaigns with real-time reports. You will be able to analyze and track analytics.


Our solution is suitable for any budget. With our “zero touch deployment” you can install on cloud without worrying about additional investments and only focusing on profit gain.


Wiacom  is integrated with SMS / Email senders. That way,  you won’t have to deal with multiple suppliers. In exchange, you can bring your own provider if you like.


We also provide additional services such as support, planning, and design so that integrating our turnkey solution is seamless and smooth. We care about our partners and aim for their success!

Say no more, I want to improve my business.