The all-in-one CDP for All Kind of Shopping Centers

Wiacom CDP is a comprehensive digital solution, integrating AI and engagement technologies for shopping centers globally. It offers data management, marketing automation, machine learning, loyalty programs, website services, and tenant engagement—all from a single platform. This complete solution empowers shopping malls and brands with actionable insights from various data sources, footfall analytics, built-in engagement tools, CRM, and integration with digital advertising networks.

Increase Revenues

Wiacom’s predictive behavior modeling empowers shopping malls to accurately understand their catchment area, with a reach up to 80%. Enhance your digital campaign segmentation and seamlessly integrate with digital signage for optimal reach and impact.

Leveraging guest footfall and comprehensive customer data analysis, Wiacom provides actionable insights and a deeper understanding of shoppers behavior. This knowledge enables you to tailor your approach, enhancing sales and revenue. With Wiacom CDP, refine the customer experience by offering targeted coupons, promotions, and tailored offers that meet precise customer needs. Develop custom campaigns that go beyond basic demographics, focusing on specific shopping behaviors, whether targeting first-time visitors or repeat customers. Utilize these insights to craft effective campaigns, reaching out to shoppers on social media and various digital channels, enhancing engagement and driving results.

Increase ROIs

Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience with Wiacom validated 2FA First Party Data and integrate your real shoppers lists with leading digital advertising networks such as META and Google for an up to x8 ROI of your digital campaigns.

Our digital advertising solutions empower shopping centers to leverage data-driven advertising, targeting your ideal customers with precision. Utilize the wealth of information from our Consumer Data Platform for targeted advertising, selecting your audience based on geographic, demographic, psycho-graphic, search, and predictible behaviors. Enhance your campaigns by incorporating shopper interactions at your center, such as deal redemption or event attendance, and use this data for remarketing on social media platforms like Facebook. This approach ensures highly effective advertising, tailored to the behaviors and preferences of your shoppers.

Customer Data Platform(CDP)

Harness the power of Wiacom CDP, the heart of any shopping center, to unify your digital interactions in one platform. Purpose-built for shopping centers, our CDP offers unparalleled shopper insights by aggregating data across all digital touch-points. Enhance customer engagement with advanced audience management, CRM integration, and marketing automation. Drive loyalty and expand your customer base with our comprehensive data-driven solutions. Dive into a world where data amplifies your success!

Insights & Analytics

Elevate your property’s value by truly understanding your shoppers and connect them with tenants offers. Wiacom CDP solution transforms digital interactions into actionable insights with cutting-edge analytics from Microsoft Power BI. Gain insights with aggregated data across various sources, informing your leasing, operations and security with precision most valuable data.

Shoppers Engagement

Boost your sales and understanding of shoppers and tenants with cutting-edge digital experiences. Leverage our Data Management Platform through websites, mobile apps, content services, digital media, advertising, and WiFi to deliver personalized, engaging experiences that drive results and increase your campaigns ROI up to x8.

API Integration with 3rd party apps and CRMs

Wiacom CDP excels in harnessing ZERO Party Data from WiFi, newsletters, apps, and aggregating First Party Data seamlessly. Choose Wiacom CDP for unparalleled First Party Data collection and flawless integration with your existing CRM. We’re here to empower your data-driven success.

Run Proximity Campaigns

Location-Based Services

When customers are within a short distance of a specific shop from your shopping mall you can automatically send a message; to increase the ROI and reduce costs you can refine your audience by using demographics filters.

Venue: A CBRE shopping mall
Target audience: Woman, 25-45 years old
Behavior: Have been in the venue 5 times in the past 90 days
Campaign delivery time: 5pm and 7pm
Location: People who are connected to Ap6 and AP7, located near Zara store.

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Proximity Campaigns

Reach out to your customers in a more personalized and contextual manner. With Wiacom’s Proximity Campaigns, you can connect with the right audience and meet their demands. You will connect with your customers with precise timing. They can receive offers at short distances from your venues.

Venue: NEPI shopping mall parking area.
Target audience: Man, over 18years old
Behavior: Have been in the venue in the past 365 days.
Campaign delivery time: 11am and 2pm
Location: People who are connected to Ap6 and AP7, located near Zara store.

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Surveys & Feedback Campaigns

Get valuable feedback from shoppers and turn negative feedback to positive experience using Wiacom’s unique approach

Engage your shoppers by asking them about their in-mall experiences. They can tell you what they would like to see more of in your shopping mall.
Wiacom’s survey system builds long-lasting relationships with customers since they know their feedback matters.
From surveys you can collect the most relevant feedback from your shoppers so that you can improve their shopping experience and shape the future of your venue.


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