WiFi Marketing for Shopping Malls

Wiacom is the retail solution that offers marketing and analytics software all in one convenient platform.

Run Proximity Campaigns


When customers are within a short distance of a specific shop from your shopping mall you can automatically send a message to a specific audience.

Venue: A CBRE shopping mall
Target audience: Woman, 25-45 years old
Behavior: Have been in the venue 5 times in the past 90 days
Campaign delivery time: 5pm and 7pm
Location: People who are connected to Ap6 and AP7, located near Zara store.

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Proximity Campaigns

Reach out to your customers in a more personalized and contextual manner. With Wiacom’s Proximity Campaigns, you can connect with the right audience and meet their demands. You will connect with your customers with precise timing. They can receive offers at short distances from your venues.

Venue: NEPI shopping mall parking area.
Target audience: Man, over 18years old
Behavior: Have been in the venue in the past 365 days.
Campaign delivery time: 11am and 2pm
Location: People who are connected to Ap6 and AP7, located near Zara store.

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Increase Revenues

By tracking and analyzing your customer’s data, you will know more about their shopping patterns and serve them in a way that increases sales and revenues. Optimize the customer experience by recommending the best coupons, promotions, and offers that reflect their exact needs. Create custom campaigns based not just on demographics but on shopping behaviors also (if they are first-time visitors, repeat visitors, etc.). These custom campaigns will help you reach out to shoppers through social media and other digital channels.

Increase ROIs

You can increase sales, revenue, and profits by  analyzing demographics and getting more in-depth information through our advanced behavior filters. Customize every marketing campaign so that they are always targeted at the right audience. After all, a great marketing campaign directed at the wrong target audience inevitably hurts ROI. Wiacom specializes in pinpointing the right offers to the right people: Your venue may meet and even exceed their expectations and have them come back again and again.


Implement a loyal return policy that not only has customers coming back to your venue but also expands your customer base with valuable new input.

WiFi Analytics

Our platform is versatile, efficient, and easy to use. Managing your customer profiles doesn’t get any easier than with our Wiacom platform.

WiFi Engagement

Our tools will give you recommendations for making the best offers, discounts, and other messages that are always targeted at the right audience.

API Integration with 3rd party apps and CRMs

Connect to Wiacom’s dashboard or use any pre-existing API connectors. Organize all your customers details and gain direct insight into your business

Surveys & Feedback Campaigns

Get valuable feedback from your customers and turn negative feedback to positive experience using Wiacom’s unique approach

Engage your customers by asking them about their shopping experiences. They can tell you what they would like to see more of in your venue.
Wiacom’s survey system builds long-lasting relationships with customers since they know their feedback matters.
From surveys you can collect the most relevant feedback from your customers so that you can improve their shopping experience and shape the future of your venue.


Vivo! Shopping Mall goes over 10.000 CRM entries per year

Using our WiFi Marketing and Analytics tool, shopping malls such as Vivo! have reached a competitive edge and increased profits at an increasingly high speed. We can help you get the same or even better results too!

Say no more, I want to improve my business.