WiFi Marketing and Analytics for Banking

Banks can improve their advanced technology through the Wiacom WiFi Marketing and Analytics platform. Banks attribute the quality and caliber of their digital customer service with an increase in investments. And as time goes on, more customers are switching to digital-only banking solutions.

When it comes to customer acquisition or even keeping bank visitors engaged, Guest WiFi Marketing is your go-to answer.
Best of all, you can run Wiacom Banking dedicated platform on top of your existing WiFi infrastructure.

Here are some advantages of using our platform

Increase campaign ROI reach

This is possible because you will get to know your customers starting with valuable demographic information like their name, age, location and more via the captive portal. Additionally, you will know when they visit your branch and how long they stay per visit. All of this will increase campaign ROI reach by offering a more personalized banking experience.

Analyze associated and unassociated users

This will determine if you need more advertising in order to maximize the potential of any one of your branches.

Build Your CRM

You can add a multitude of opt-ins. You will also be able to inform users of any new and upcoming changes to banking policies. You can also integrate Wiacom with your bank’s data warehouse and CRM system.

Increase your mobile app downloads

You’ll be able to run advertising campaigns through Google AdWords, Instagram Audience Network, Facebook Ads, and more.

Proactive Banking is possible with Analytics!

Banks are keeping up-to-date with the digital world and employing analytics in their customer-business operations. Wiacom helps banks predict customer behavior, organize reports and turn insight into valuable data for a better and more efficient experience.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.