Wiacom CDP is the bridge between the real world and digital environment

We support business to grow and thrive:

1. Up to 80% known catchment area for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, concert halls, airports and transportation hubs
2. Comprehensive approach for any venue digitization using Wiacom CDP(Cloud Data Platform)
3. Optimize the costs up to 80% using Zero-Party and First-Party Data and increase the ROI x8 of your advertising campaigns

360 Overview for any venue. Know and engage your customers!

Wiacom’s comprehensive CDP enables you to merge the capabilities of Zero Party and First Party Data with Wi-Fi Marketing, third-party data sources, and footprints analytics. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning, this integration facilitates the execution of campaigns that are up to eight times more efficient and 80% more cost-effective.

Compatible with any WiFi infrastructure

Wiacom can be used on top of any WiFi infrastructure. Cisco, Meraki, Cambium Networks, Xirrus, Ruckus Wireless, Aruba, Aerohive WiFi, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Fortinet or other vendors. Give your users the stress-free authentication method using their mobile numbers or social WiFi.

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Wiacom integrates with your CRM

Wiacom CDP gathers extensive data to digitize guest presence and behavior. This collected information can be leveraged for operational and marketing automation directly within Wiacom CDP or securely transferred to any third-party CRM, such as SalesForce, DotDigital, CleverTap or HubSpot, through a secured API, accommodating the platform you currently use.

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Who we are

Wiacom is a customer data platform that centralizes data from multiple sources, including WiFi marketing, WiFi analytics, sensor cameras, head-counting systems, loyalty programs, Google Analytics, websites or mobile apps, social media, and other relevant sources. Our aim is to provide an easy-to-understand and user-friendly turnkey solution for shopping malls, airports, large transportation hubs, major public venues, hotels, restaurants, and other brick-and-mortar businesses. Our goal is to help our clients know and reach up to 80% of their catchment area and better know their target audience, while reducing advertising costs and increasing the return on investment (ROI).

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GDPR Compliant and Solver

Wiacom CDP is fully GDPR compliant. Any and all personal data we collect is securely encrypted stored in our cloud(Azure/Google) and pseudonymized displayed in your dashboard. Access to dashboard is secured by password and 2FA and any person can access the dashboard without risking any data breach. Also, you can give access to your advertising agency to send advertising campaigns, get data for reports, change visuals, create new marketing automations or LBS campaigns and change settings.

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