Large Public Venues WiFi, Stadiums and Concert Halls

Venues such as stadiums and concert halls are a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to larger audiences. Our digital platform enables you to collect and monetize visitor data, improve performance and create rich CRM profiles that bring in more profits and loyal visitors.

Our solution is tailored to each individual venue and delivers personalized messages of sponsors while collecting valuable information about the fans.

Bring your large public venues into the future!

High Density WiFi Solution

Bringing WiFi to tens of thousands of people can be challenging but not with Wiacom’s WiFi tool. You can collect massive amounts of information on your visitors, identify their preferences and generate key solutions to any problem.

Co-branded Sponsorship

Entice your visitors with ads and special offers as soon as they sign in for Wi-Fi access. Partner up with sponsors and offer them the chance to reach out to an even greater number of people with our Wiacom platform.

Generate instant engagement

Provide your attendees with the latest technology and enhance their live experience with our engaging services. Have your visitors access personalized splash pages that direct them to login through social media platforms and consume specific content.

Loyalize and increase attendee frequency

With our integrated platform, venues can increase attendee frequency by interacting with our personalized campaigns and your sponsors offers and upcoming events. Track footfall and increase time spent at your venue.

Forza ZU gathers more than 120.000 people for fun events and a listing of awesome artists.

Wiacom makes it possible to connect a great number of people, access their data and personalize the content for each category of visitors be it concert halls or stadiums.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.