Technology Partners

Wiacom develops the WiFi analytics and WiFi marketing platform. We’re looking for technology partners to join our forces. Advertising Agencies, Ads Delivery Platforms, Email or SMS Marketing Providers or CRM/ERP Solutions? You are all welcome.
Wiacom provides the platform that empowers brick & mortar businesses to digitize clients presence, collect valuable personal data and engage clients. In order to cover a more extensive functionalities area we offer API for integration with 3rd party platforms.
We think client-centric and omni-channel. Join our partners ecosystem to deliver innovative solution for complete satisfied customers.


Benefits of Becoming a Technology Partner with Wiacom

Physical Venue Digitization

Over 90% of world’s retail business is still in physical space. We’ll join forces to deliver Web-like Analytics for Retail and other brick & mortar businesses.

Secure Your Client

Just name a client how doesn’t want to spend less on advertising and increase ROI. Join forces with Wiacom and your clients will become loyal.

Client Centric Orientation

Wiacom creates the bridge from physical world to digital advertising. Help your client wot better know who clients are and engage them in direct communication campaigns to increase ROI.

Easy to Integrate

No need to buy more hardware, we integrate at controller level. We offer our turn-key solution with ease and no hassle for IT managers.

Our platform will integrate and even improve on other technologies with important functions

Such as planograms, staffing timetables and calendars, CRM, email newsletters, marketing automation, hotspot management, etc. Wiacom works with our partners to create integrated solutions that enhance the customer experience. Our purpose is  to generate ideal solutions to the most pressing needs of our clients and partners.

Join us as a technology partner at Wiacom and we can provide a AAA WiFi marketing solution that is customer-centric. Apply today if you want to know what the buzz is all about!

Say no more, I want to improve my business.