WiFi Vendors

Wiacom is a Wi-Fi Analytics and Communication solution that gives you valuable insight about who clients are and how they behave in various types of venues. We target large venues, specifically shopping malls, retail outlets, airports and transportation hubs. Wiacom is also viable for smaller venues including restaurants, cafes, shops and also growing SMBs and SMEs.
To accomplish business requirement we support all and integrate with all major technology vendors.


With our zero-touch feature, we can remotely deploy Wiacom as OTT service over any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

No need to buy more hardware, we integrate at controller level. We offer our turn-key solution with ease and no hassle for IT managers. We work with most of the leading WiFi vendors on the market. Working with partners facilitates an entirely cloud-based setup and installation . If you’re interested in joining our growing network of partners and vendors, then let’s get in touch.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.