Wiacom CDP – The unique market approach to unify WiFi Analytics, WiFi Marketing, Engagement tools and integrate multiple data sources

With the Wiacom Customer Data Platform, you gain a thorough insight into your venue, understand your catchment area more effectively, build a database of users connecting to your WiFi network, and incorporate essential data from multiple sources, including loyalty programs, website analytics, sensors, cameras, and other significant sources. It allows you to engage with customers using verified contact details such as email addresses and mobile numbers and integrate with programmatic advertising to lower your expenses in digital ads campaigns.

Wiacom Guest

Identifying complete customer profiles, shoppers behavior, and analyzing footfall traffic has never been easier. Wiacom Guest WiFi converts unknown visitors into actionable data and known customers profiles.

Insights & Analytics

With the power of AI and deep learning algorithm, you can analyze your audience, their behavior to shape the marketing strategy and make business decisions at any given moment.

Wiacom Customer Data Platform

Wiacom Marketing & Engagement

As businesses evolve, Wiacom CDP empowers you to rely more and more on artificial intelligence when running communication campaigns.

Wiacom GDPR

Our solution was and is fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations. Wiacom CDP helps businesses across the globe to know their audience while respecting GDPR regulatory and to avoid any data breach.

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