Data Vault

Maintain your competitive edge with our data integration process.
Wiacom lets you connect multiple data sources and see an integrated image of your venue. Integrate analytics from social media, web, headcounters, POS, CRM, digital signage, and many other sources to get high granularity reports about your venue visitors behavior.

API Integrations

Bring all your data in the same place! The outcome is a higher ROI for your campaigns. Processing analytics data becomes simpler, accurate and more flexible with Wiacom API integrations.

  • Artificial intelligence engines are built on top of your basic data.
  • Interact with users, asking them questions about their shopping experience and preferences.
  • Easily customizable and constantly evolving with deep learning systems and always able to accommodate new demands all on its own!
  • You can generate reports with high granularity having all data sources under the same umbrella.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.