Wiacom Customer Data Platform(CDP)

Achieve and maintain your competitive edge by unifying all your customers touching points into one single place.
Wiacom CDP lets you connect multiple data sources and see an integrated image of your venue. Integrate analytics from social media, web, headcounters, POS, CRM, digital signage, and many other sources to get high granularity reports about your venue and visitors behavior.

Wiacom CDP Integrations

Achieving a 3D Axis overview of your venue is no longer a hard to achieve goal. Wiacom CDP simplifies this process by integrating multiple data sources and utilizing AI to consolidate guest profiles, transforming them into actionable information for various stakeholders within your organization, such as marketing, leasing, operations, safety, and top management. The result is an enhanced ROI for your marketing campaigns, a deeper understanding of your venue, and optimized operational costs. With Wiacom CDP, processing analytics data becomes easier, more precise, and adaptable.

  • Achieve up to 80% reach within your catchment area by truly understanding your guests. Create 2FA validated profiles using data from guest WiFi, loyalty systems, websites, and more to establish a strong, direct, and enduring connection with your guests. The audience database developed with Wiacom CDP enables you to engage guests in direct marketing campaigns or digital advertising, whether they are on-site or being encouraged to return for another visit. Additionally, access to valuable insights about where your catchment area guests spend their time helps you optimize your Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaign budgets more effectively.
  • Enhance your understanding of your audience by utilizing insights from behavior and demographics, leveraging Zero-Party Data and First-Party Data captured from guests. Engage with users by inquiring about their shopping experiences and preferences, analyzing where they spend the most time, and using this information to engage with them intelligently. With Wiacom CDP’s built-in SMS, WhatsApp, and Email delivery tools, you can boost your marketing campaigns. Alternatively, you can integrate custom audience segments with various advertising networks, such as Meta Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other programmatic advertising networks.
  • AI and marketing automation are at the heart of Wiacom CDP, enabling you to engage with your audience through precise targeting. Built-in tools allow you to create live campaigns that target users when they arrive at, leave, or are situated in a specific area of your venue (LBS – Location-Based Services). Furthermore, you can enhance the ROI of your campaigns by adding demographic filters, which can reduce costs by up to 80% while ensuring that messages reach the correct audience. Additionally, you can integrate these services with your mobile app to trigger push notifications.

Data driven Marketing. Launch cutting-edge, data-centric marketing solutions to boost shopping centers’ ability to capture shopper interest and wallet share.
Artificial Intelligence: Identify key drivers of shopper actions to develop and refine effective strategies.
Tailored Content Suggestions: Offer shoppers personalized digital interactions informed by their past behavior.
Intelligent Grouping: Classify shoppers according to defined parameters for automated segmentation throughout their buying journey.
Forecasting Analysis: Predict the results of marketing efforts before they are implemented, enabling budget management and efficiency for improved returns on investment.

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