Large Retail and HyperMarkets

Persuade your shoppers to visit repeatedly with Behavioral Retargeting and WiFi Marketing.

Here’s what Wiacom can offer large format retail companies

Examine performance for each of your departments

You will have full control over your gathered data. We offer you insights on elements such as customer response, average time spent in each section ( you can create and divide venue by zones) and product success rate. All these features can be used to improve  and drive sales.

See footfalls for each department

You will be able to see footfalls in every one of your departments. You can also see the return rate of customers logged in to the AP and even measure the average duration of your customers’ visits.

Convert newly-acquired data into solutions

With Wiacom’s suite of tools, you can take raw data and put it to use in order to create personalized campaigns, hyper-target your customers, and build relationships both online and offline. It has everything you need to place you ahead of your competitors.

Create campaigns across social media

You’ll be able to run advertising campaigns through Google Ads, Instagram Audience Network, Facebook Ads, or get the data into your own DMP.

Linking millions of dots for Decathlon

Decathlon Romania has access to valuable insights using Wiacom WiFi Analytics and communication platform. Demographics reports, online behavior, returns, devices and technology, plus lot of store to store comparative metrics.

Say no more, I want to improve my business.