As a User of this Service you must be at least 16 year-old.

Your personal data may be used by the owner of the location you visit for marketing messages via SMS and email. 

Our privacy policy

The information we collect and process based on the marketing agreement provided for a particular location:

  • Information we collect in the login process: the data from the social network account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In), i.e. age, birthday, email address, gender and city/town, and the telephone number, which each User of the Service willingly provided.
  • The pages you access in order to determine your user profile. We DO NOT collect financial information or any kind of passwords.
  • Information about the terminal you use when you log in (mobile phone, tablet, computer): brand, model, the browser version, the MAC address and the date/time when you access the Wi-Fi network.


We use cookies, which allow us to identify the terminal used by you, and Google Analytics. The cookies used by WIACOM do not require any user personal data and in most cases they do not identify the visitors. The information collected by cookies are those strictly used in order to provide some functionalities, such as the performance of the login mechanism, and the system used to encrypt this information makes its decoding and processing by third parties impossible without authorization.

Data storage

Your data in respect of which you consented for marketing purposes are saved in a private secured medium in compliance with the national and European legislation in force in the area of personal data protection. WIACOM has implemented, together with the partners of locations, technical and organizational measures to ensure the privacy and security of data. The data shall be retained in the WIACOM systems for a period of five years as from the time of data collection. WIACOM requires the owners of locations to comply with the retention period set forth in this policy, making all efforts to that end.

How your data will be used

Collected data may be used by WIACOM and the owner of the location for the declared purpose. This principle applies to every single location so as every time you access WIACOM in a new location, your assent for marketing purposes for that location will be requested. If you do not give your assent for a particular location, this will not affect your assent given for another location. You may withdraw your assent given for marketing purposes for any location by accessing the portal

The data collected by WIACOM may be made available to the competent authorities in order to comply with our legal obligations to provide such data. The rights provided for in the Terms of Use for the Service also apply to personal data processed for marketing purposes, and the same conditions apply for their exercise.

Considering the marketing purpose based on which your personal data are processed, you principally have the right to object to processing.

You may withdraw your assent given for marketing purposes at any time by accessing your user account at In case that you need further details, you may use the contact details of the location: “Telephone number” and “Email”.

A refusal by the User of the processing of their personal data (mobile phone number and email) for direct marketing purposes does not equal to an interdiction of the right to provide the Service. The User is entitled to use the Service made available by the Company even if the User has not consented to commercial communication, but only after having accepted the Terms of Use for the Service.