Why Wi-Fi Analytics Is The Most Important Step In Revolutionizing Your Hospital

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When we think about modernising healthcare and hospitals, the main things we concern ourselves with is equipement, utilities, highly-trained personnel, advanced procedures and comfort but implementing up-to-date online technology always falls short, especially when it comes to Wi-Fi technology. However, 2020 is a year of action and analytics should no longer be underestimated. More than ever, hospitals are in need of getting to know their patients on a more detail-oriented plan if their goal is that of prioritizing emergencies and solving any type of structural issues. Basically Wiacom bridges the physical world with the digital environment where most of the patients spend their time. This helps the hospital shift from traditional marketing to data-based driven decisions.

A fully-operational hospital that uses Wiacom has a lot more to offer than a hospital without and the results speak for themselves. As a consequence, the number of revolutionised hospitals is increasing by the year. Will yours be one of them? The list of benefits Wiacom has compiled might impact that decision.

courtesy of unsplash.com

The Top Benefits of Wi-Fi analytics:

Improve patient experience

Overall, everything resumes to how the patient feels when under the roof of your hospital. Nowadays, the majority of hospitals offer the complete range of services and as a board manager you have to constantly find ways of improving your healthcare experience. Clearly, the answer is Wiacom’s Wi-Fi analytics. Running surveys to help you improve the overall process or automatically sending messages to patients are just a couple of basic things Wiacom comes with as standard.

The information you gather through Wiacom is more valuable than you think. If properly processed, you can use it to reduce patient waiting time, have direct access to medical files, contact patients more easily while keeping them informed of their upcoming medical checkups or their test results and even understand what kind of people are visiting your hospital on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.

Better hospital administration

Implementing Wi-Fi into your hospital is a quick and easy way of making sure everything runs smoothly. Every device using Wi-Fi will improve time management, help you manage inventories, keep an eye on running equipment  and even adapt to the situation in real-time.

Wiacom’s Wi-Fi analytics can also help you reduce stress of both patients and staff by finding out what areas in your administration need improvement. 

Cost And Human Error Reduction

Yes, you read that right, analytics can help you reduce costs. With predictive analytics and generated reports, hospital boards can avoid the scenario of overstaffing, bed shortages and other mismanagement issues. You will experience how it is to have an expanded overview of your hospital and fix problems in real-time.

As for human error, Wiacom strongly believes that having sufficient access to a patient’s information will ensure that said patient will be prescribed the right amount of dosage based on their health history, for example. All in all, the complete information about the patient will be at the doctor or nurses’ disposal.

We recommend you start considering analytics for your hospital and updating your services at technology speed standards and the benefits will be quick to show. 

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