Wiacom.ai adopts new identity to celebrate progress and innovation

The WiFi analytics and communications platform Wiacom.ai, formerly known as Free WiFi, announces its rebranding as of the 10th of September 2019  and is eager to inform its audience of their applied changes.

Wiacom will continue to operate as a WiFi Marketing and Analytics solution to businesses in need of improving their numbers while relaunching with more on-point goals, better services and improved strategies for their clients.

Laurentiu Cenusa, CEO and co-founder, shares the company’s vision: “The change was planned following our company’s strategy to grow, innovate and most of all, offer support to marketing managers in achieving their communication objectives efficiently. We’re interested in how the global market is evolving, which is why we value and understand our shareholders ambitions to become a company with global footprint.”

Eduard Dorin, CTO and co-founder, completes: “The new brand name and online presence in now better aligned with our solution, platform and new features launched with last releases. We are innovating to help our clients, but at the same time to have a easy-to-scale business to meet our ambitions.”

Extra care was put in Wiacom’s rebranding, starting with the new company name. Concepts that define Wiacom.ai were taken and merged into one relevant name. As a result, the “Wi” from WiFi, the “A” from Analytics and the “Com” from Communication were arranged into Wiacom.ai.  Additionally, the added “ai” comes from Artificial Intelligence which is the foundation of Wiacom’s automatic platform and at the same time, defines the company strategy in order to deliver an autopilot working solution.

Along with the name change, Wiacom now has a personalized industry approach, promising an in-depth understanding of each business niche. Specializing in each industry allows Wiacom to be closer to all clients, help them achieve a better understanding of their audience and increase the communication quality.

In other words, Wiacom has become better at identifying customer profiles, shopping behaviors and connecting multiple data sources, all the while providing you with the best solutions for any arising problem.

Wiacom’s purpose for rebranding is to build up more dedication towards clients and become one of the best in the industry. Wiacom believes constant innovation is the key to success while empowering clients to adapt, progress and ensures a professional alignment to the trending business world.

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