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WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

A brief study of how Wiacom can help your Restaurant boost sales efficiently

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There is a reason why more and more restaurants are integrating guest wifi in their business and that reason is no longer a secret. More likely, it’s a necessity!

Offering guest wifi to your clients instantly boosts your sales in the shortest amount of time. Most people will opt for a restaurant or cafe that provides internet in order for them to work or have constant internet access to work or for their social media. From here on, the math is pretty simple: more clients and more sales equals higher profit, right? 

Well, that’s only part of the truth.

You see, using guest wifi providers such as Wiacom brings more to the table (see what I did there?) than internet access. Wiacom also grants a WiFi analytics and communications platform that helps business owners digitize their client presence and improve their services based on the specific collected data. 

So what is a WiFi analytics and communications platform?

In Wiacom’s vision, the definition is pretty straightforward:

Translation: Managers now have a digital medium that guarantees an overview of their business. By using the tools Wiacom disposes for its clients, you can access more in depth information that can help you build an even more efficient business.

The advantages of using this type of platform are vital:

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with any WiFi infrastructure
  • Integrates with your CRM
  • GDPR Compliant

How does it work?

Step 1. The user interacts with the captive portal where you can deliver video or static ads based on demographics criteria.

Step 2. The user authenticate with mobile number or social media account, provide personal data.

Step 3. User can see a tailored video/image ad and get access to Internet

That was all! In 30 seconds the user authenticate to WiFi

The process itself is pretty simple but the results are irreplaceable. You now have a user database that includes all the people who have visited your location and have connected to your WiFi. Through the platform, you can identify customer profiles, footfalls and find out based on their preferences what and when to improve on the services that don’t deliver successfully.   

What’s great about the Wiacom platform is that it uses the power of AI to analyze your audience and generate reports based on your desired criteria. Moreover, as a platform user, you can run communication campaigns to engage your users to the point of transforming them into loyal customers.

Let’s say you decide to use an analytics platform for your restaurant. Congrats! You’ve acquired insights into your customers’ eating habits, preferences, timetable both as an individual and as a group. 

However, your work is not done yet. Data that is collected has to be analyzed and contrasted against your business goals in order to give your customers the personalized experience they deserve.

How else can you use the platform?

As mentioned above, these types of platforms have certain tools that help marketing managers come up with new strategies for improvement. 

Most of them will focus on four important points:

The AI-driven tools we have, will increase reviews up to 70%.  How do you achieve that? Well, once a customer connects to your Wi-Fi, the platform sends a short message prompting you to leave a review on any of the following: Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook or Yelp. This is a very important feature specifically because it connects to platforms that are popular internationally and connect people at any second of the day.

If reviews might be time-consuming for your customers, Wiacom also has the survey function that asks your customers the questions you decide upon in order to elicit specific information you require. This is a quick method to gather data about your customers’ likes and dislikes and devise a strategy to improve your business. Ask people things about the food, the service, the location, the music and so on.

Engage your customers through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by reminding them of your promotions or special offers. You don’t even have to handpick them for it, the platform will do everything for you. Have you perhaps received a fresh batch of salmon? Then make sure you send the news to your fish-loving customers. If they know your daily offers, they are more likely to come in.

One of our favorite features has to be the birthday feature. Wiacom can identify all of your customers celebrating a birthday and send them a personalized message. Here’s an example of how your message could look like:
Because we know your birthday is coming up soon, we’ve prepared a special surprise for you. Come visit in the following days and dessert is on us!

You can control all the features of this campaign starting from the length and content of your message, the duration and even how many days ahead you want to send your personalized message. It’s that simple! 

Is Wiacom the answer to devising the perfect Marketing Strategy?

If used correctly then there’s no doubt about it. Information has always been and always will be power. The more you know, the more you can understand your business from a customer’s point of view. AI-created algorithms track your customers’ actions within your venue and based on the information relevant to your goals you can begin devising your strategy.

The good news is that you can change your strategy on the way and make adjustments in accordance with your generated customer profiles. 

Wiacom platform helps you report on your past interactions with your clients, analyse the present variables and influence the future of your business. The secret is to take into account the data collected and make changes specifically on the gathered results. The goal is to increase ROI and optimize costs while modifying your communication campaigns to become more relevant and specific for your target audience.

While there are countless methods of boosting your sales and running a more successful restaurant or cafe, analytics platforms such as Wiacom not only do optimize costs and offer an insight into your business but they also ensure your customers have a pleasant experience.

Join the digital world revolution and see how guest Wi-Fi can help you reach new heights.

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