10 ways how Wiacom increases productivity while reducing risks

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They say the internet is a scary place and if you really think about it, you do put yourself at risk with everything once you have an internet connection. The moment you give away your passwords, you offer direct access to your accounts, your finances, your work and your online privacy if you’re not responsible enough.

As a business, privacy becomes the most important and coveted asset in the online world which is why each and every service you end up using is desired to be risk-free. In that respect, using analytics for your activity might seem intimidating but companies such as WIACOM have directed all their efforts towards keeping data collection safe and secure. 

In this case, I’ll list below the ten ways Wiacom can increase productivity while reducing risks. Let’s dive right in!

  1. GDPR friendly

We’re all obsessed with it nowadays, aren’t we? Wherever you look, it’s clearly mentioned in some way or another and the reason is very simple. People need to feel safe and every business that collects data has to be GDPR compliant if they wish for their consumers to trust them. 

Data protection has become a priority for Wiacom ever since the beginning, reason why the platform provides separate access for Guests or Registered Members. This is a pretty nifty option since if you don’t separate access options, you risk to lose valuable personal data and you can no longer pinpoint the right information to a targeted consumer. By directing your consumers to register, you truly learn to know your customer and apply the received feedback into your future marketing strategies.

2. Safe & Secure

Wiacom likes to go the extra mile and take safety and security seriously given as they are the right ingredients to ensure a successful business. The fact that Wiacom has implemented a safe & secure filter is proof that extra-care is given to both the consumer and the business owner.

Through the Wiacom filter, only a certain type of content is available, depending on the location. Parent-frequented venues are child-friendly in content, for instance. Safe content is promoted and illegal streaming is prohibited. With Wiacom, everything you see on your device stays safe & secure.

3. Improved connection

Plenty of people have the option of working outside the office and more often than not, they will opt to work from home or more commonly, restaurants or cafes. That implies connecting to the restaurant/cafe’s wifi spot and as we know, a shared connection can at times, lag, especially if you’re using a tablet for your work. 

Wiacom understands that a lagging connection affects productivity and in the long run, the business offering wifi and for that reason, the company prides itself in offering the best wifi services for any type of venue. A good wifi connection attracts more customers and that is clearly something to take into consideration when choosing your data analytics provider.

4. No more asking for the Wifi password

We’ve all been there; you go to a restaurant and in order to get an internet connection, you need the wifi password. What do you do? You need to ask the waiter for it and that causes inconveniences both for you and the waiter but also the business owner.

Let’s consider how a waiter wastes a full minute to come over to a table and give the customer the wifi password. If he does that 20 times per day, a quick calculation reveals that 600 minutes per month are lost and more exactly, an entire working day wasted on offering this particular type of info. 

With Wiacom’s integrated platform, the customer simply accesses the wifi connection and logs in using their preferred social media credentials. It’s a win-win situation if we think about it – while the customer acquires immediate access to a wifi connection, the business owner can collect valuable information to quickly improve his business.

5. Better know your clients

Analytics is the holy grail when it comes to data collection and it guarantees getting to know your customers better. One would ask: Why do you need to get to know your customers? The answer is fairly simple. Once you know your customers, you know your business better and once you know your business better, you can improve upon it and increase your profits. 

Info such as demographics, combined with other related factors such as language, behavior, preferences will help any business owner make wiser decisions concerning their products and services. With the help of analytics, you can reduce the risk of targeting certain campaigns or products to the wrong type of demographics and in return, improve the customer experience based on the data you collect.

6. Increase your feedback

What’s great about analytics and particularly Wiacom is that it can help you increase the number of reviews considerably. Wiacom possesses a feature that allows you to send questions to your customer’s phones, asking them about their experience and what they would like to improve about your services – be it a restaurant, cafe or hotel. 

The process is fairly simple and you can select the number of questions, the type of questions and even the time frame in which said questions will be asked. By sending inquiries via phone, you’re prompting the customers to answer freely and sincerely and therefore provide you with valuable data. The response is immediate and data is accurate and risk-free!

7. Reactivate your past customers

It’s not unusual for past customers to frequent other locations but don’t worry, Wiacom has you covered for that too. The platform has a feature that stores your customer’s info and makes it possible for you to send messages to customers that haven’t been to your location in the past 30 days. 

These messages can be smartly devised as incentives for your customers to remember the great experience they had in your hotel, restaurant or cafe and make them want to return as quickly as possible. The messages are non-invasive, discreet and efficient as an ideally persuasive marketing tool.

Example: “Don’t forget to visit us again and delight yourself with our new seasonal Frappuccino starring blueberries and honey. We’re waiting for you to try it out!”

8. Render your customers loyal

Customers appreciate personalized and targeted messages more than anything. This method reassures the customers that they have been treated well and that their needs and preferences have been taken into consideration. 

You can achieve this by sending targeted messages to your recurring customers. For example, if you have a demographic of people that enjoy eating salmon, you can send them messages about the fresh batch of salmon you have just received. This option caters to the customers’ needs and renders them loyal.

9. Stay ahead of your competition

Don’t just use traditional marketing methods to optimize your business, go a step forward and engage with your customers through digital means. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to find out info about your activity, what products work best and which services truly suit your customer’s needs.

Traditional methods are slow, inaccurate and at times, a complete waste of time. With Wiacom, feedback is easily accessible and more complex. There is no excuse as to why your business is not flourishing better than those not using analytics. Precise data collection is the last and most important piece of the puzzle.

10. Businesses such as Wiacom are the future

While that statement might seem a bit bold, in all truth, analytics will eventually be integrated in every part of our lives. Progress builds itself on data and data collection empires will only increase their supremacy.  

Business owners understand that in order to run an efficient business, extra care has to be given to the customers. Moreover, in today’s digitized world, customer’s wishes and demands change just as quickly and for the purpose of staying up-to-date, there is a constant need for using the best tools to achieve it. 

From here on, analytics will become even more complex and efficient and the possibilities of processing data will be endless. 

We look forward to the future. How about you?

Courtesy of Pixabay

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