Digital Disruptors – You Can’t Beat Them so Join Them!

The syntagm “digital disruptor” has become extremely present both in writing and on people’s lips, causing shivers everywhere and with good reason too. After all, digital disruptors dictate success in ways we’ve never even dreamt of before. They are ahead of their time and their mission is to open new paths for businesses to evolve and increase their profits considerably.

So what are digital disruptors
They are defined as entities (here we include people, organizations, businesses) that design a new model of digital technology integrated in a novel business. Digital disruptors remain sensible to technology changes and produce the shift in how marketing strategies are shaped. They are the ones responsible for digital disruption.

The reason why digital disruption is so highly important is because there is analytics involved in the process of developing an activity to the point where information is collected and dissected to the fullest. Digital disruption produced a shift in how business progress is viewed. Innovators are able to think outside the box and apply their findings in the business environment they develop.

What’s interesting is that the way in which digital disruptors work alters how each business runs their course. The rules of the game change according to their statistics and their ability to capitalize data. In other words, apart from a great analytics service, you also need the appropriate people to read and interpret that particular data to the best of your advantage.

Success is not granted by experienced people anymore. Experience people only have experience of the past while digital disruptors have vision of the future.

How do you beat digital disruptors?
You can’t. Consequently, the smartest thing to do is to join them. 

Courtesy of pixabay

Before the boom of Internet, ideas only came from marketing boards however, with the evolution of digital industries, everyone received access to information. More people mean more ideas and most importantly, the opportunity to expand without conventional resources. Isn’t it interesting how Uber is the most successful transport company and yet it owns no cars? Or how sells the most products in the world and yet it possesses no inventory? Or better yet, Netflix keeps no physical movies and smartly, you have the choice to watch how many  movies you wish without having to clear out space in your storage for them? 

This was possible because of analytics and digital disruption. It’s about collecting data and feedback from customers, identifying what’s convenient for them and applying the solutions in a more productive and cost-effective manner. 

Study case: AirBnb

We’ve all heard of AirBnb, haven’t we? In fact, many of us are loyal users of this service for each vacation we plan or destination we target. But how many of us know how it really started and why only digital disrupters could come up with such a context? 

The company first started with two guys living in San Francisco who were in such a financial rut, they could not even afford to pay rent. In lack of any real options, they rented three mattresses with 80$ each and realized that this type of housing option could be successful if translated into digital. For that purpose, they contacted a third friend who worked on the website and helped them set up their business online. Over the course of a few years, they expanded and acquired the status they have today. They invested in photo quality, customer feedback and website accessibility while offering clients much more value at a lower cost. 

AirBnB’s secret was that of getting to know the customers and finding solutions in real-time. 

And this is not the only success example. In fact, starting with 2020, there is expected to be a digital disruption in the following fields: 

  • Analytics
  • AI
  • Fintech
  • Voice technology
  • Autonomous drive technology

The entire world is looking forward to what is to come for the future. How much digital evolvement will we witness and how much more will we apply.