A Digital Menu Might Be That One Thing That Makes Or Breaks Your Restaurant

Lockdown has proven to us how fragile businesses can really be in the face of adversity. When it comes to the hospitality industry especially, the odds have clearly not been in favor. Most establishments had to close down or adapt to the new situation and this where the key to survival resides, regardless of what the future has in store for us next. 

Hygiene measures have been reinforced and will continue to be so as the new basic health requirements. There will be more focus on the digital, with less physical interaction available and restaurants in particular, will have to accept that using non-invasive technology is far more safe than sending over a waiter to pick up the order. The same thing can be said about fast food joints or food kiosks where the addition of a common digital screen is no longer proving as efficient as it did in the past. Business owners need to understand that people will stay away from anything that is touched by others on a regular basis and will much rather prefer a digital menu accessed from their own phone. NO app to download, just Wiacom digital menu integrated with your POS. Simple, right?

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Wiacom.ai offers the digital menu as a long-term solution for all restaurants who want to stay in the game, to get more trust from clients and generate a new revenue stream. We recommend the digital menu over an app since Wiacom’s solution eliminates the need for a complicated app and simplifies the customizing process without any additional hassle. It’s a lot more convenient as far as security reasons are concerned, since an app needs to be installed on your phone to work while the digital menu can simply be accessed through the restaurant’s Wi-Fi connection.

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In this case, what’s stopping you from adopting a Digital Menu?

We’ve identified 5 major reasons/excuses of restaurant owners:

People want real experiences not impersonal contact

False. It’s 2020 and people want to be safe. They need to trust your business and see you actively doing everything in your power to ensure that your restaurant is as safe and hygienic as possible. By giving them the option of checking your restaurant’s menu through their own phones, placing the order and paying with their personal device you will manage to earn their trust and turn them into your loyal customers. 

Times are changing and so are priorities and unless you give the people what they truly want, your business will lose to others who are digitally aware. A digital menu is safe, saves time and limits contact.

It’s difficult to use

Many restaurant owners will argue that this type of digital menu is difficult to use and it will discourage consumers from visiting their restaurants. This is where we strongly disagree. People are becoming more and more accepting of technology and have already included it in every part of their life. Ordering food online has been around for years now which is why there is no reason for people to feel disconnected from this type of service. On the contrary, it encourages your consumers to eat confidently at your table knowing that less contact has been ensured.

Moreover, even elder people use technology frequently nowadays. Our grandparents have social media, they share photos with relatives and some even order things online – actions which are far more complex than accessing an online restaurant menu and ordering some pasta in real-time. 

We’re not ready for it

Did you know that there are restaurants or cafes out there that still don’t have a social media account or a dedicated website? In the era where information travels at the speed of light and spreading word about your business is vital, some business owners have been cutting costs in the wrong places. 

Food is great in most restaurants nowadays so why is it that some places are more popular than others? The answer is simple: they invest – in marketing, in better advertising and most importantly, in digitizing their places. If you have a restaurant and you don’t start showing you believe in progress and in guaranteeing what’s best for your client, your consumers will not resonate with your business and your orders will drop. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small coffee shop or a recently-opened restaurant – this is your chance to show consumers why you’re the better choice.

Things will go back to normal

And we’re all rooting for that but the reality of it all is that, times have changed. The pandemic might go away tomorrow but this virus outburst has taught us how to be more careful about the way we do business. There’s no saying what might come next and we’ve witnessed many businesses succumb to pressure and dissolve within days. The hospitality industry remains a target and the best possible way to make sure your joint stays  open is to cater to safety and embrace technology openly. 

Things never go back to normal, especially after a crisis. Sooner or later, a digital menu will become the norm however, what will make or break your restaurant will be how soon you’ll adopt Wiacom’s solution and how aware you’ll remain via consumers’ health. 

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