Hotels can increase customers and employee trust with Wiacom’s Digital Menu

As of 2020, convincing people to book a room at your hotel will be quite the challenge. Luckily for you, people still need vacations and everything will go back to a different kind of normal in the near future. However, how do you reassure guests that your hotel is the right choice for them?

Also, protecting your staff and their families is also important to take into consideration. At the end of the day a hotel with insufficient staff will provide a low quality service your guests will penalize it more than ever.

Undeniably, room service is an important part of the hotel experience but handling food remains a sensible issue that poses infection risks. One way of making sure your staff is protected and guests will book your hotel for their vacation is that of using Wiacom’s Digital Menu for room service and restaurant ordering.

What’s a Digital Menu? Read more about it here: CLICK

Case Study: Angelos Hotel

Angelos Hotel is one of the hotels that will implemented a digital menu for their room service before the pandemic struck. The efficiency of such service proved useful even before strict norms of hygiene were imposed.

Wiacom’s digital menu for hotels:

  • Build up trust. Previous guests of Angelos Hotel were already familiar with using a digital menu and ordering room service directly from their phone. They know for a fact that contact is limited and that everything is done as safely as possible which will encourage them to book Angelos rooms over hotels who are not yet familiar with Wiacom.
  • Sales increase. More guests bring in a higher profit. The decision to digitize part of the hotel helped Angelos not only survive in the new conditions but thrive despite them.
  • Reduce costs. You might think that’s impossible however, if you really think about it, a digital menu helps you save up on printing costs. Whatever change you have for the menu or whatever offer you wish to promote, you can do it directly from the online platform without any additional costs.
  • Enhance the guest experience. Wiacom’s digital menu allows you to upload photos, videos and product descriptions of your dishes. Moreover, you can supply your guests with extra info on where the products are coming or how to prepare some of the dishes you have listed. This will enhance your guest experience to no ends.

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