Wiacom.ai supports restaurants, coffee shops and hotels to (re)start their activity in the new normality

Sooner or later, businesses are going to go back to normal however, the 2020 pandemic has clearly dictated an additional set of rules for what will count as the “new normal”. This will prove especially difficult for restaurants and cafes since they gather groups of people under the same room, serving food and beverages.

Safety and hygiene rules will play a more crucial part in how business unfolds and restaurants need to adapt if they want to survive. Without doubt, the best course of action will be to start using Wiacom’s DIGITAL MENU

What’s a Digital Menu? Read more about it here: CLICK

Case Study: Trattoria Fresca

Trattoria Fresca, a local Italian place to eat, will restart their business with a clear plan of action. From the beginning, they understood the fact that people would be reluctant to eat at their restaurant as per usual. As a consequence, they needed to adapt and improve their services which is why they confidently took into account Wiacom’s solution and implemented a Digital Menu.

The benefits of using Wiacom’s digital menu outlined:

  • Consumer trust skyrocketed. Trattoria Fresca will be among the firsts to adopt the digital menu, word of mouth will get around that you can access the restaurant’s menu directly from your phone and enjoy your eating experience in safe, hygienic conditions. As a result, even more people will come recommend the restaurant for really caring their clients safety.
  • Sales increase with 35%. More customers bring in more sales which means that profits increased for the restaurant consistently. The decision to digitize part of the restaurant will help Fresca not only survive in the new conditions but thrive despite them.
  • Save up on money. You might think that’s impossible however, if you really think about it, a digital menu helps you save up on printing costs. Whatever change you have for the menu or whatever offer you wish to promote, you can do it directly from the online platform without any additional costs.
  • Increase efficiency with 45%. Waiting time will be reduced since customers don’t need to wait for a waiter to bring a menu and take an order. Moreover, customers can play directly through the digital menu platform.
  • Attractive menu choices. The great part about a digital menu is that you can change the layout and design whenever and however you want in order to match your clients’ preferences and convince them to order certain items on the menu.

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