Wiacom expands to Africa making the deal with Konecta

Both companies aim to develop the partnership for the entire African continent targeting transportation and mobility domains, shopping malls, large public venues, and hospitality.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Bucharest, Romania

Wiacom has left a digital footprint by expanding into Africa through a partnership formed with the South African wireless network company Konecta.  Konecta is a Johannesburg based company that builds wireless networks and platforms to gather analytics and offers a fully managed digital advertising service to their clients.

Wiacom has established an undeniable presence in Europe through its leading platform meant to provide the best analytics solution across the global market. The company is also present in UK, Spain, Germany, France, Australia, South America, and Middle East.

The partnership is the beginning of the African vision for both companies as they plan to extend their services to the rest of the continent through Konecta’s existing partners and clients’ network.  The mutual agreement took off as a result of both companies sharing the same consumer protection values, best technologies and goal to offer the best solution on the market. As a result of sharing the same vision, the companies will dedicate their efforts to deliver the best solution for:

  • Transportation Hubs, Airports, Train & Bus Stations
  • Smart City and Municipalities
  • Shopping Malls and Large Format Retail
  • Large Public venues
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurant and Hotels chains

Konecta and Wiacom are constantly developing and introducing new features on their platforms using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and bringing forth unique benefits such as:

  • The ability personalizes captive portal according brand’s policy
  • The only available platform that helps clients to increases App downloads
  • Building a sustainable user journey
  • Multi-lingual and exclusively adapted to the local market

and we want to remain the best and provide the most advanced platform in the market.

“Our approach is always customer centered, we ensure that our platforms are user friendly not invasive and make sure we deliver the best digital advertising value for our clients. We strongly believe in forming partnerships and collaborations. Wiacom’s partnership means we can leverage on the best technologies and expertise they have and be able to keep up with the global trends”, says Yandisa Sokhanyile, founder and Chief Digital Officer of Konecta.

On the other side, Laurentiu Cenusa, Wiacom co-founder says “We look forward to a fruitful and exciting journey together on the African land. We know the unique features our platform can offer to transportation industry or shopping malls as it is a proven solution in UK, Europe and Australia. We trust in Yandisa and her team to succeed in Africa and build a great partnership together”

Each 1000km trip starts with a small step, or a big one!

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