Hospitality with Robots? AI makes it possible.

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Similar to all of you, I remember watching The Jetsons when I was younger and thinking that such a future might arrive one day and we will all be living advanced lives like our beloved cartoon characters. Over the past years, that “might” morphed into something accurate and thanks to technology progress, AI has become the future of analytics and by default, the base of all upcoming development

We can see it present especially in the hospitality business where services have to be highly qualitative and efficient at the same time. Nowadays, there is an increase in business overall and where there is quantity, the bottom line has to be drawn at quality. What’s interesting about quality is that in the digital world, it no longer refers only to excellence but also to innovation and above all, efficiency. Consumers are time-oriented and prefer personalized services. What makes your business better is, in the end, better business.

So how do hospitality businesses benefit from AI integration?

If we take a look at hotels, for instance, AI has introduced practicality both in the customers’ and hotel owners’ lives. As it keeps evolving, it’s clear that AI helps with profits, better services and constant availability. 

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AI helps solve problems operationally and serves the customer in our current digital world. As technology users and rapid learners, we expect to see AI implemented everywhere and therefore have quick access to information. 

One case study that I would like to point out is that of Henn na Hotel from Nagasaki, Japan. The hotel opened in 2015 with an advanced AI platform including analytics features and unexpectedly, a full staff of robots. While the concept sounds progressive, this is actually a precise example of badly applied AI. Instead of solving issues, the robots ended up causing more problems for the guests. Complaints were made about apps crashing midway, requests not registering and even about the malfunctioning of the non-human staff. Functionality was not taken into account for this project and as a result, the hotel recently reported “laying off” its robotic employees and reducing unnecessary costs. 

However, when it’s done smartly, AI can do more than improve customer experience. Let’s take, for instance, FlyZoo Future Hotel located in Hangzhou, China. This particular hotel is a large venue that uses smart interactive technologies such as facial recognition, online check-in and even employs robot staff to do part of the cleaning and food serving. Consequently, analytics gathers data from guests and offers solutions in real time – data which helps not only guests in their hotel experience but also hotel owners in their mission to identify which services to improve or add as their business develops. 

As expected, the hotel has plans to expand over the next few years and stay on top of analytics advancement in order to offer the best customer experience possible.

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Why is Wiacom Analytics important for Hotels?

First of all, it helps grow your business while keeping up with the current digital and technology trends. Secondly, it analyzes and predicts customer behaviour. It tells you everything you need to know about the downsides and upsides of your activity. 

Through online surveys and reviews, data collection ensures analysis of overall performance and as a result, hotel owners can adapt to new changes and demands. You don’t need to study your own activity anymore because you’re already presented with the results and the possible solutions. 

One module that Wiacom has and can be of consistent help is the reviews feature that allows customers to state their honest opinion about their experience in your location.  

To be more specific, after a customer leaves your location, you can set-up a message to be sent to every customer’s phone, asking them for feedback concerning your business. You have the possibility to customize the message to your liking and choose the desired time frame in which you decide to send it: it can be a few hours, days or even a month.

Ever since Wiacom implemented this feature in their platform, there has been a 70% increase in sells for all HoReCa departments and the reason is very simple: customers feel heard and appreciated while business owners have the relevant data to improve their services.

Some of the improvements possible with Wiacom data analytics are:

  • Efficient management of your platform and data
  • Campaign creation
  • Access to multiple reports concerning live traffic, phone data, demographics
  • Access to charts and graphs
  • Increased profits
  • Costs management
  • Network customization
  • Personalized modules

The possibilities of data collection are endless as long as progress is at its best. We’re currently heading towards a reality where analytics will be imperative for success and each and every industry will need to adapt. The sooner you accept its importance, the sooner you’ll embark on the path to immediate success.

As they say, “if data is a sea-and trust us, there is a sea’s worth of data available to you – then analytics is the desalination plant”.

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